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The New Interactive Game Arriving in Yorkshire Posted On 15 October 2021

It’s never been more fun to get out of the house, than by playing the new game, WanderList.

We all know that there are many activities out there, which are designed to get your brain working, whether it’s a newspaper crossword, or an app on your phone. Well now, the South Yorkshire based company Kaumaka Ltd have created an interactive game which adds exercise into the equation.

The uniqueness of WanderList is in its ability to solve puzzles whilst on the move. As puzzles are solved, each player accumulates ‘WanderLists’, which are located within towns and cities of Yorkshire. If you think that the idea of the game sounds rather tiresome, then do not fear, as the game allows each player to choose the difficulty levels of the WanderLists, ranging from town centres, to hiking trails. If you’re an especially keen WanderLister, then you can even join a league, where you can see where you rank in your area.

The creators of this new interactive game, Karen Mappin & Catherine Henchley, have a wealth of experience in the education sector, and have recently decided to turn their attention to creating engaging apps for all ages. Amongst their already existing apps is one including Fitness 4 Fun – a game which encourages children to keep fit, by keeping an exercise log, with the chance to earn rewards along the way.

And WanderList isn’t the only app which has been up Kaumaka’s sleeve of late, because they will soon launch two more apps, which do not focus on physical exercise. The first of these will be entitled Jumping Jockeys, with the aim of helping youngsters hone their literacy and numeracy skills. The other is called Reading 4 Fun, and along with the concept of Fitness 4 Fun, is designed to allow children to log which books they have read, in exchange for rewards.

Kaumaka’s newest creation is free to play, and all that you need to get involved is a mobile device which is connected to the internet, and can track your location.

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