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Street CPR Saves a Life in Hedon Posted On 28 May 2021

Kayleigh Reid, 32, has had her life saved, after she collapsed in the middle of the street


The 32-year-old was outside her mother’s home, on Westlands Close, when she had her fall. When speaking to Hull Live, Kayleigh revealed that she began to feel unwell when unbuckling her daughter from her car. But fortunately, in the time it took the paramedic to arrive, a man and his daughter pulled up in a van.

Mark Fox, and Annie drove up to Kayleigh, with the former resuscitating unconscious Kayleigh three times. When speaking about the incredible work which Mark performed, she remarked, ‘It sounds a bit extreme but he saved my life’.

The collapse occurred, when Kayleigh, after spending a short time in hospital, whilst on a family trip away, was discharged, only for the problem to flare up the next day. This is when Mark and Annie came to the rescue. Mark notified Kayleigh’s godmother, who happens to live next door to her mother, of her worrying condition. Whilst Mark focussed on Kayleigh, Annie rang for an ambulance, and even ‘Sent some neighbours off into Hedon who got a defibrillator from the town centre and brought that back’.

Kayleigh went on to say, ‘I owe these people my life, I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t drove up. It is a bit scary to think really. If he hadn’t turned up, how long would my godmother have talked to my daughter for before realising that I wasn’t there or how long would it have taken my mum to get home and realise I was laid on her drive-way’.

But Mark doesn’t appear to want any credit for his heroics. Like a Batman-style figure, Kayleigh commented on how ‘He just stood up and said bye to my mum and jumped back in his van with his daughter and went on his way as if it was nothing’. This led to Kayleigh’s husband, Paul, putting out an appeal online, in an attempt to find out who the mystery man was. They discovered that Max was a joiner, and were able to thank Max and Annie for their help.

Kayleigh has been left feeling grateful for this act of kindness. She added, ‘It renews your faith in people and that they will look after you’.

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