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Spending New Year’s Eve inside this year Posted On 31 December 2021


Many people will be spending NYE at home, and for very good reason, but…


New Year’s Eve this year, like last, will be a different affair again as we try to keep the spread of the new COVID variant at bay. But there are still plenty of things to do and many ways to celebrate the New Year, including indulging in some truly awesome cocktails!

Great cocktails to make at home

French martini

The French Martini is a beautifully sweet but soft cocktail, which has a sense of romance about it, originating from the City of Love as it does.

Vodka 80ml

Chambord 40ml

Pineapple juice 120ml

Pineapple wedge to garnish (optional)

Serves two

Raspberry and passionfruit martini

A unique and somewhat tropical cocktail which will lighten anyone’s mood - absolutely perfect for any celebration.

Vodka 100ml

Raspberry liquor 30ml

Passionfruit juice 100ml

Passionfruit wedge to garnish (optional)

Serves two


Typically served as a shot, this cocktail can be made in greater measures with a splash of milk to make it into one of the most indulgent martinis around.

Baileys 60ml

Coffee liqueur 60ml

Triple sec 60ml

Milk 100ml

Serves two

Best hangover cure

There are many theories out there - some rather wacky - which suggest the best hangover cures. One is having a glass of Guinness in the morning which, in our experience, doesn’t work. Here is our guide to hangover cures if you’ve woken feeling like a wreck!

Your body needs food. So, depending on how your tummy feels, give your digestive system a good meal, whether it be a full English breakfast or a simple Scotch Egg, it’s still something your body can work with. Thereafter plenty of water and plenty of rest is definitely the best way to go. 

We would suggest skipping lunch if you’re feeling really bad, and just enjoy the breakfast/brunch and wait until dinner to eat again. Also, reading a good novel will generally take your mind off the pain while you recuperate.

Out and about

Hopefully, you will have recovered enough for the Terriers’ scheduled trip to Blackburn in the Championship on January 2nd (2pm).

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