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New Appeals Launched as Post Office Scandal Thickens Posted On 30 April 2021

A Hull law firm has launched 50 new appeals, in the hope to win victims some substantial sums of money


This comes in the wake of one of the UK’s biggest miscarriages of justice in history. The details lie in the Horizon software system, which was brought to carry out the Post Office’s transactions, accounting and stock taking from 1999. However, this quickly led to many sub-postmasters and sub-postmistresses claiming there were glitches in the system. These claims were refused, leading to the prosecution of 736 workers, between the years of 2000-2014.

Back in 2020, Hudgell Solicitors worked alongside Hull East MP Karl Turner, in an original attempt to explore these claims, who were not part of the initial damages settlement, which resulted in the Post Office paying out a share of £55m to 555 individuals.

And it seems that following this initial enquiry, Solicitor Neil Hudgell, of Hudgell Solicitors, will be at the centre of helping all claimants from the area. Hudgell has already helped 33 former sub-postmasters to clear their names through the courts. It was also revealed on Wednesday that a further seventy people are being encouraged by his firm to push for damages. Neil Hudgell also admitted that, over the past weekend, twenty enquiries have been submitted, and subsequently taken on by his firm, as a direct result of the media attention of the sub-postmasters’ recent success rate.

He commented on the sheer number of claimants, as a result of these court cases, saying, ‘The strength and significance of the Judges’ findings were such that the doors were opened for potentially hundreds of people convicted as a result of failings in the Post Office’s Horizon IT system to come forward with confidence to seek to have those convictions overturned’.

As well as confirming that his firm plans to begin the launch of claims later on this week, he also echoed the calls from Boris Johnson to trigger an enquiry into the matter, to ensure that all senior figures within the Post Office are questioned with regards to any wrongdoing, and held to account.

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