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Getting Hull out of Gridlock-down Posted On 16 April 2021

Hull’s roads were at a standstill on Tuesday 13th March, a day after all non-essential retail and outdoor hospitality was opened


A Hull City Council spokesperson has weighed in with their thoughts as to why the roads have been busier than normal, blaming the traffic on work commutes, re-opening businesses, and school runs. The spokesperson also spoke of multi-million pound roadworks as another reason. They said, ‘Hull is also in the midst of a huge transformation to its transport system and our focus is on how we can build a sustainable network that is fit for everyone, including cyclists, pedestrians and motorists’.

This led to the spokesperson offering the following advice to road users going forward: ‘Motorists are asked to stagger journey times and consider using the cycle lanes and public transport. Even if just five per cent of motorists choose a more sustainable form of transport, there would be a significant reduction in congestion levels’.

Unsurprisingly, many locals have been left unimpressed with this advice, feeling that this advice was not a viable solution to the problem. One person commented below the online statement, saying, ‘Imagine a council authority telling us, the taxpayers, voters, workers to stagger their working day/life to accommodate their ill-formed plans and services so it looks like they were a good idea’.

Many also took the opportunity to remind others that the upcoming local elections were a prime opportunity to show their unhappiness at a variety of issues, including this one. Other comments from disgruntled residents included ‘It’s as if council blames Joe Public for bringing things to a standstill and nothing to do with their incompetence’, and ‘Stop being tight and do the road works from 10pm to 6am’.

And recent stats show just how busy the roads have been of late. On Monday 12th April, traffic levels reached 105%, meaning that this was the busiest day since the Coronavirus outbreak began. With the unlocking of lockdown, combined with roadworks which have yet to be completed, it is clear why congestion is such a problem right now.

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