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Dirty Pudds addresses Hull’s sweet tooth Posted On 19 March 2021

Two Hull sisters have set up a cheesecake pudding delivery service, and it’s safe to say it’s a hit with the locals


The idea of ‘Dirty Pudds’ came to Kerry Pooley, 31 and Vicki Suddaby, 38, late at night, with Vicki admitting ‘It was a random idea at 1am. It was my sister’s birthday and I had made her a birthday cake and she asked if next year I could make her a battenberg cheesecake for her birthday, which led to us talking about cake and cheesecakes and things like that and then we said ‘why don’t we sell cheesecakes in jars, that would be cool’.

Since this thought in the early hours, the two have been hard at work to make their pipedream a reality. Vicki commented that after coming up with the idea, ‘The next day we went and bought loads of ingredients and just spent the day in the kitchen playing around with things and built things up from there’. The sisters state that their puddings are designed to leave the customer satisfied, adding that ‘We wanted to make something that a lot of people probably couldn’t finish and that obviously makes them really good value’.

As a result, the business now has six regular cheesecake filled pudding jars to choose from. The toppers range from Jammie Dodgers, Rolos, and Ferrero Rocher, and the pair even brought out a limited edition Mother’s Day pudding entitled ‘Cherry on Baby’.

In fact, the puddings have proved such a hit, that the website has since crashed, with everyone in the area wanting a taste of the action. When describing the frenzy, Vicki said, ‘We just really weren’t expecting it, we expected to build things up slowly, but we have had people put a second order in before they have even received their first order’. And when speaking about the rapid growth in popularity of the company, Vicki revealed, ‘We have got about 150 going out this weekend and the week before that was about 40, so it has obviously more than trebled in the last week’.

Due to the demand, the self-employed Vicki and mum-of-three Kerry have hired two new staff members, despite only opening for business in February.

If you manage to grab a Dirty Pudd of your own, the Hull pair deliver in the local area between Thursday and Saturday. To check out the full menu and delivery options, visit https://www.dirtypudds.com.

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